Everyone knows they need music or, as some refer to it, “noise” in their working space. The question is around who actually is listening to it. There are so many studies done that provide us with conclusive proof that music changes the way we, as humans behave. From shopping patterns to work and productivity outputs to spending patterns in retail. The right music can make all the difference. Having said that, if it were that easy, you’d already be doing it yourself buy buying the latest hit cd from you music retailer correct? Well, truth be told it’s not that easy for everyone. That’s where Music Now comes in. We have had intimate exposure to in-house / in-store music for over 25 years from clubs and pubs to restaurants and shopping centres to retail of all kinds.

The next steps are easy. A singular consultancy meeting will outline a way forward to you and your business. This meeting will help you identify what exactly Music Now can do and will do for your business. It’s all about deliverables, that’s how our work and achievements are met. We need to know your business DNA, who your staff are and what the environment is that you are hoping to or already play music into. Music Now will look at room acoustics, sound reinforcement systems, layout facilities and licensing and then report back to you with the most practical and economical way forward.

Music Now is invested in music in the retail/work space, so much so, that we like to think of our clients as partners rather than people who sign off an invoice monthly.
There is a lot to be said for research and not every one knows how to extract results let alone the correct results. Every space that wants or requires music has many factors that contribute to achieving the required end result. Is your sound system setup or installed optimally? What is the quality of the sound? What type of music are you playing into the work/retail space and does it take into account shopper patterns or time of day? Music Now can help you understand the sound consumer and through our 25 year old experience, apply the things that work whilst limiting the ones that do not. This being said, if there is one thing we have learnt, it’s that everyone is different so personalisation is high on our list. The people that live, work and shop in your space are not unique as such. They are comfortable with a certain type of music at a certain volume, it’s your environment that makes them change how they listen. Music Now, can help understand this pattern.
Music Now can manage your music solution completely regardless of the format, changing the rotation daily ensuring maximized use of the available tracks and reducing the noticeable repetition of tracks. Only a single premixed stream of music cannot be altered.
Its all very good and well to revamp your store playlist to fit the business DNA but if you have a sound system that is not capable of delivering the quality or volume and the speakers are incorrectly situated around the store, you have almost wasted your money.
Music Now can setup your in store music system to its optimum capability, advising where speakers should be to consulting on a complete sound revamp.
Music Now can advise on a variety of playout systems in store from a simple localised PC format to a streamed audio channel on a WAN/LAN solution or finally broadcast the signal off Satelite.
Production studio
At Music Now we are used to working alongside Clients, Ad agencies, producers, production companies and any consumer of the produced audio environment.

The following facilities are available to you from Music Now :

State of the art recording facilities including;

State of the art recording facilities including;

Bank of national and international voice artists.
(Please request indiviual artist quote)
R1 500,00
Voice recording
R 600.00/hr (1 hour studio time with engineer)
per hour
Local/global ISDN availability
based on studio availability
per hour
Backing tracks for commercial use
R1 000,00
Supply music tracks for commercial or private use
R1 000,00
Creation of bespoke music tracks for commercial or private use

Quote to brief
Basic and professional script writing service
Quote to brief
From R2500,00

Per script
Fully equipped broadcast studio with engineer
Please request a quote on checking availability & compatability
Quote to brief
Full production on our adobe audition suite with engineer
From R 600.00 per hour Quote to brief
Quote to brief
From R600
Per hour
** Packages available for bulk bookings
• Sound bite recording/production and final edit incl distribution
• TV audio final mix

Average 6 hours for a 23 min duration

Video audio final mix

Commercial distribution and ad tracking facility

Quote to brief

Advert Production quote :
Once off:
1 produced 30 sec commercial per month including voice artist and backing music and maximum 1 hour studio time with engineer.
Package deal:
10 produced 30 sec commercials per month including single music backing track.  Voice Artist on retainer with no carry over clause

3 hours maximum studio time with engineer
R11 500.00
Breakdown :
Studio time: per hour with engineer
Voice artist
R1 500,00
Backing music per 30 seconds
R1 000,00
Script writer : Per script
R2 500,00
Booking fee
10% of invoice
Studio facilities
Music now has a fully functional broadcast studio available on ISDN dialup to where ever your isdn destination can be found both locally and internationally. You can choose to drive the studio yourself or to simply sit back and let our engineer do it for you. The Mixing desk is an Axia IQ digital setup with all the whistles and bells accommodating one presenter and two guests. The play out system uses the Genesys software.

Our ISDN codec is the Zephyr Telos extreme and we are equipped with a portable Telos X-port that comes with the “pots” facility. This unit takes an analog telkom line as its connectivity and allows for the user to input a mic and a line feed. The unit connects back to ours/your studio ISDN.

We also have a studio based DJ setup if your presenter needs mix up his show from Durban. The midi controller is the pioneer DDJ-T1 with a mac book pro holding it all together.
Contact us
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083 787 7888
Malchus Naicker
084 622 1076
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