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Music Now is a retail music specialist management consultancy. Our longest standing client, The MRP Group. have been with us for 21 years and it has certainly allowed us an inside look at the good and , at times, the not so good side of retail that most external service providers do not get to experience.

Music Now is a retail music specialist, having consulted over our 25 year lifespan with various clients, including, other retail audio providers, The Durban Port Authority, The SA Refinery, based in the south of Durban, supermarkets, clothiers, restaurants and shopping centres. We pride ourselves in understanding through communication and research the environment both human and bricks and mortar that our client(s) trade in.


We have spent years understanding shopping patterns and the music that influences them, the sound reinforcement systems used to purvey the audio and more importantly how to get the biggest “bang” so to speak, for your buck when purchasing sound and installing it.

We have worked alongside our preferred audio supplier/installer for more than 15 years and have a help desk driven national footprint through their business with a 2 to 4 day turn around dependant on geography. ( our aim is 1 to 2 days fault dependant)


We currently offer 4 different types of audio distribution (Satellite, Wan and LAN streaming, Localised playback audio boxes also referred to as raspberry pies)

Music Now has full studios that can live broadcast to your stores or a full production department to prepackage any messages, adverts or specific imaging you require. Whilst we boast a turnaround time of hours rather than days, we believe in quality over quantity but are capable of offering cost effective solutions especially favourable in hard economic trading times. We don’t know everything! That’s why we like to listen to you talk, discern exactly what you are looking for and then provide a solution for you.

Music Now is an International brand and has live sites in Poland, Australia and Africa (Ghana , Kenya , Nigeria, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and Namibia). Our longest standing client is the Mr Price Group who has been with us for over twenty years now.

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David Yapp 
083 787 7888
Steven Heyns
Sales Manager
082 334 3263
Gareth Jones
Music Manager
083 420 8853
8 Knoll Place
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